The Rise of Excel Sports in Donegal

February 29, 2024

Eunan Quinn, the founder of Excel Sports, shared with Run Republic the fascinating journey that led him to establish an events business rooted in his lifelong passion for sports. Quinn has over 40 years of experience in the sports world, starting at the age of 11 with cross country running.

His early love for cross country running, however, took a different turn due to injuries, leading him to his current day job as a neuromuscular physical therapist and sports massage therapist. While in the United States from 1994 to 2004, he pursued his passion for running and eventually transitioned into Ironman triathlons. However, a foot injury halted his running journey, prompting him to further his education.

Undeterred by setbacks, Quinn pursued a psychology degree and a Masters in sports psychology. In 2017, his keen eye identified an opportunity in Donegal for endurance events, given his wealth of experiences. This realisation marked the inception of Excel Sports, an events company that initially organised six events in a year but later streamlined its focus to three events annually in Donegal.

The three flagship events orchestrated by Excel Sports are the Sliabh Liag Weekend, the Seven Sisters Skyline, and the Donegal East Marathons, which this year is scheduled three weeks before the Dublin Marathon and will serve as an ideal preparation platform. Quinn's passion lies in off-road events, and he actively seeks unique locations within Donegal, particularly in the Gaeltacht areas, to showcase the county's natural beauty.

The events are not only about pushing athletic boundaries but also about boosting the local economy and promoting tourism. Quinn emphasises the importance of creating a lasting impact on the regions where the events are hosted. The Seven Sisters event, in particular, has left a legacy effect, drawing people into the area and encouraging them to return, thus providing a continuous economic boost to the local community.

Excel Sports is not just an events company; it's a dynamic entity that constantly evolves to stay attuned to emerging trends and meet the evolving needs of participants. Through the lens of endurance events, Quinn has not only crafted a successful business but has also become a driving force for showcasing the beauty of Donegal and fostering sustainable tourism in the region.

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