A Thrilling Year Ahead: IMRA's Packed Munster Schedule for 2024

February 29, 2024

The Irish Mountain Running Association (IMRA) is gearing up for an action-packed year in 2024, and Mags Hassett, PRO of the IMRA Munster Committee, recently shared insights into the organisation's busy schedule in an interview with Run Republic. From open mountain races to half marathons and ultra's, the calendar is filled with diverse events that cater to both seasoned runners and those looking to venture into the world of mountain racing.

This upcoming weekend sees the launch of the Fog in the Bog League, a series designed to introduce participants to open mountain racing. Unlike the Winter/Spring league, which primarily features trail races, the Fog in the Bog League incorporates open mountain terrains, providing a new challenge for runners. The races are relatively short, around 9/10 kilometers, making them an ideal stepping stone for those interested in exploring more challenging distances. The league aims to attract newcomers and serve as a pathway to longer races.

The Mushera-Boggeraghs race stands as the opening of the Fog in the Bog League. With no participant limit, this race promises a thrilling experience. Mags Hassett expresses excitement about the Mushera-Boggeraghs race, particularly noting a thrilling downhill section that adds an extra element of excitement for participants. This event provides a great opportunity for both experienced and new runners to enjoy the beauty of open mountain racing.

IMRA has already witnessed immense success with some of its marquee events. The Ballyhoura Winter Moonlight Challenge, held in late January, sold out well before Christmas, attracting participants from all corners of the country. The popularity of these races often leads to repeat attendance, with runners returning for subsequent events after having positive experiences.

The Nagles Marathon, scheduled for March 9th, is anticipated to be another major event on the IMRA calendar. Despite being a few months away, registrations for several Ultra races in April and May are already open, allowing participants to kickstart their training early.

Following that, the Mt. Claragh race in Millstreet on March 16th adds a touch of mountainous challenge to the Fog in the Bog League. With its uphill and downhill sections, the race promises a thrilling experience for participants seeking a bit of adventure in their running pursuits.

As the month progresses, the Torc Wood race on March 24th in Killarney marks another instalment in the Winter/Spring League. With its wooded terrain, this event offers a unique setting for runners, blending the beauty of nature with the excitement of competitive racing.

With a diverse range of races, from open mountain challenges to marathons and ultras, IMRA's 2024 schedule is set to captivate the running community. The sold-out success of early events highlights the growing popularity of mountain running, and as the year unfolds, runners can look forward to pushing their limits and exploring new terrains in the spirit of adventure and competition.

Featured Image: Joan Ryan, IMRA Munster. Courtesy of Mags Hassett.