Ballymore Cobh AC Champion Ceasc's Call for a World-Class Track and Field Facility in East Cork

March 27, 2024

David Barrett, an athlete and juvenile coach at Ballymore Cobh AC, is advocating for the establishment of a world-class track and field facility in the East Cork region. With a surge in interest among both children and adults in athletics, Barrett highlights the urgent need for adequate facilities to support this growing enthusiasm and is fully supportive of CEASC's (Cork East Athletics & Sporting Community) mission.

Reflecting on the challenges faced by their club, Barrett highlights the frustration of being unable to fully capitalise on the increasing interest in athletics due to the lack of suitable facilities. Despite the commitment of hardworking volunteer coaches and committee members, the club is constrained in providing athletes with the comprehensive track and field experience necessary for their development.

Barrett draws attention to the disparity between the availability of facilities for athletics compared to other sports in East Cork. The absence of a dedicated track and field facility poses significant obstacles for aspiring athletes. Even if options like MTU and UCC were available, athletes are forced to travel unreasonable distances, incurring additional costs and stress, to train away from their club and home area.

The necessity of a track and field facility cannot be overstated, asserts Barrett. Just as a tennis court is essential for tennis players and a basketball court for basketball teams, a track is fundamental for nurturing the talent and enthusiasm within athletics. Without such a facility, athletes are deprived of the opportunity to fully develop their skills and participate competitively in the sport.

Looking ahead, Barrett underscores the urgency of establishing a track and field facility in East Cork. He emphasises that the region's potential for athletic growth can only be realised with the provision of adequate infrastructure. Urging action, Barrett calls for immediate steps to be taken to address this pressing need, ensuring that aspiring athletes in East Cork have the resources they need to thrive and compete on a global stage.

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