Ceasc: Driving Cork's Pursuit of a World-Class Athletics Facility

March 20, 2024

The Cork Athletics Track crisis has stirred both concern and determination within the athletic community, with many rallying to address the pressing need for a top-tier track and field facility. Amid this evolving story, Run Republic reached out to Ceasc (Cork East Athletics & Sporting Community) to delve into their mission and vision for bringing a world-class facility to the East Cork region.

Shane Meyler, a member of Ceasc's PR committee and representative of Ballymore Cobh AC, spoke passionately about the collective ambition driving their efforts. "My involvement with CEASC stems from a shared desire amongst all athletic clubs and wider communities to attain a first-rate Track and Field facility for the region," Meyler explained. He emphasised the crucial role of grassroots support, noting, "No one is going to do it for us. It's down to CEASC, along with the great support we're getting. People power within the vast geographical area that encompasses Eastern Cork will help bring about this facility."

The sentiment of community-driven determination resonates strongly with Olivia Keating, an Athletics Coach and representative for the Rebel Wheeler Committee, who also lends her support to CEASC's cause. Keating expressed the enthusiasm of the Rebel Wheelers for a facility like CeascTrack, highlighting its potential to enhance accessibility and safety for athletes of all abilities. "To be able to have use of a safe track that’s accessible for all would be fantastic," she remarked. Keating underscored the challenges faced by athletes requiring specialised equipment and emphasised the importance of adequate facilities to sustain and expand athletic programs. "More importantly, the fact that we are growing means we now would need a track for more than one season per week," she explained, highlighting the significance of securing dedicated slots for different age groups to ensure the program's continuity and growth.

Ceasc's vision extends beyond mere infrastructure; it encompasses inclusivity, community engagement, and the promotion of athletic excellence. Through collaboration and grassroots support, they aim to realise a facility that not only meets the immediate needs of athletes but also fosters a culture of participation and achievement in athletics. As the Cork Athletics Track crisis continues to unfold, Ceasc stands as a beacon of determination, driving Cork's pursuit of a world-class athletics facility that will serve generations to come.

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