Ceasc Pioneers Initiative for a World-Class Track and Field Facility in East Cork

March 15, 2024

In a conversation with Run Republic, Sinead, a member of Ceasc (Cork East Athletics & Sporting Community), highlighted the mission of the group to establish a world-class track and field facility in the East Cork region. As a juvenile coach and child officer in Midleton AC, Sinead emphasised the tight-knit nature of the athletics community where cross country and track championships serve as gathering places for enthusiasts to share their passion for the sport.

One of the primary motivations driving the initiative is the lack of adequate facilities in Cork compared to other regions. Sinead expressed the sentiment shared by many Cork clubs, wondering why they don't have access to facilities that are as inspiring and inclusive as those found in Castleisland, Templemore, Clonmel TUS, and Newcastle West for example. These facilities not only host championship events but also provide spaces for recreational activities such as picnics, outdoor gyms, and various athletics disciplines.

The vision for the proposed track and field facility extends beyond serving just the athletics community. Sinead envisions it as a haven for families, young and old, regardless of their athletic abilities. The facility aims to offer a safe and inclusive space for the entire community to engage in physical activities and social interactions. Recognising the importance of inclusivity, Ceasc has forged partnerships with local groups such as Rebel Wheelers to ensure that the facility caters to individuals of all abilities.

Drawing inspiration from successful models in Europe and Australia, the Ceasc group envisions the track and field facility being utilised by schools, community groups, and individuals throughout the day and across all seasons. By providing a safe and welcoming environment for people to be active and engaged in their community, the facility aims to address the lack of inclusive recreational spaces in the region.

The initiative has received overwhelming support from the community, indicating a strong demand for such facilities. Sinead expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support and emphasised the broader impact that the project could have beyond the immediate catchment area of the East Cork Athletics Division. The proposed track and field facility represents not only a sporting venue but also a catalyst for community engagement and well-being.

Ceasc's mission to establish a world-class track and field facility in East Cork is driven by a commitment to provide inclusive recreational spaces for individuals of all ages and abilities. Through partnerships with local organisations and community support, the initiative aims to create a lasting impact on the region's athletic landscape.

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