Celebrating 100 Years with the Naas AC 5 Mile Race

May 24, 2024

This evening marks a historic celebration as Naas Athletic Club (AC), along with Naas Racecourse, commemorate their centennial year with a special 5-mile race. This unique event not only highlights the longstanding tradition of athletic excellence in Naas but also brings the community together in a vibrant display of local spirit and heritage.

The race begins and ends at the Naas Racecourse, which, like Naas AC, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. This venue, steeped in history, offers a fitting backdrop for the race, adding an extra layer of significance to the event. With nearly 300 runners registered, the anticipation is palpable as athletes prepare to tackle the course.

Participants will navigate two loops of what is locally known as The Tipper Triangle. This course is renowned for its challenging yet rewarding terrain. From the start, runners face a steady uphill climb, a test of endurance that they will encounter again on the second loop. However, the phrase "what goes up must come down" holds true, as the uphill effort is balanced by the exhilarating downhill stretches.

Beyond the race itself, the event is part of a series of celebrations planned throughout the year. Organisers hope that visitors will take the opportunity to explore the rich history of Naas AC, showcased in a special display at Richie Whelan’s Menswear. This exhibit features a collection of trophies and lists past winners, including legendary athletes like Eamonn Coghlan and Catherina McKiernan, offering a fascinating glimpse into the club's storied past.

As the Naas AC 5 Mile race kicks off this evening, it serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of athletic dedication and community spirit in Naas. The event promises to be a memorable one, celebrating the achievements of the past 100 years while looking forward to many more years of sporting excellence.

Whether you're a runner, a spectator, or athletics enthusiast, tonight's race at the Naas Racecourse is a celebration you won't want to miss. Here's to another century of remarkable milestones and inspiring athletic endeavours!

Featured Image: Courtesy of Naas AC

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