Celebrating 12 Years: The Mayo AC 5k Series Returns

May 14, 2024

In the heart of County Mayo, a tradition steeped in community spirit and a passion for athletics marks its twelfth year of existence—the Mayo AC 5k Series. Emerging in 2010, this series has become a pivotal event for runners, both seasoned athletes and newcomers, offering not only a platform for fitness but also a celebration of local pride. Despite facing a hiatus due to the challenges of Covid-19, this year sees another instalment, promising to reignite the passion and excitement that defines this event.

From its humble beginnings, the Mayo AC 5k Series has embodied simplicity and inclusivity. Its essence, rooted in encouraging beginners to partake in local races, has remained unchanged. In its inaugural year, registrations were managed from the trunk of a car, with participants self-recording their times—a testament to the grassroots nature and dedication of its organisers in those early days. The series coincided with the introduction of Fit4Life, Mayo AC's initiative that fostered fitness groups in Castlebar, Claremorris, Ballinrobe, and Ballyhaunis. Each of these groups took charge of organising their respective events within the series, creating a vibrant tapestry of running culture across the county.

Over the years, the Mayo AC 5k Series has grown exponentially, evolving into a cherished annual tradition. What began as individual town events gradually culminated in a unified celebration, with an after-party rotating between the participating towns. This not only bolstered the sense of community but also spotlighted the diverse landscapes and welcoming atmosphere of each locale.

Central to the series' appeal is its accessibility and welcoming environment. Seasoned runners find it a perfect tune-up for summer races, a chance to test their mettle in a friendly setting. For beginners, it serves as a gateway into the world of competitive running, offering a supportive network of fellow enthusiasts and mentors. The feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the series as not just a race but a rendezvous of like-minded individuals passionate about fitness and togetherness.

As the Mayo AC 5k Series returns, anticipation runs high. The first race kicks off this evening in Castlebar. Limited registrations will be available at De La Salle Hall, with the race commencing at 8pm and registrations closing promptly at 7:45pm. Organisers are optimistic about the turnout, aiming to recapture the vibrancy and energy of pre-Covid events, with hopes of exceeding previous participation numbers.

In a world where connections and shared experiences are cherished more than ever, the Mayo AC 5k Series stands as a beacon of unity, health, and community spirit. As runners lace up their shoes and gather at the starting line, they not only embark on a physical journey but also join a legacy of perseverance, friendship, and the enduring spirit of Mayo's running community.

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