Celebrating International Women's Day: The Sunset Mile in Galway

March 07, 2024

As the sun sets on Friday, March 8th, Galway's Doughiska Community Garden will come alive with the rhythmic pounding of feet as participants gather for the second annual Sunset Mile race. Organised by Tribal Running, this free event serves as a spirited celebration of International Women's Day. The Sunset Mile invites individuals of all ages, starting from 8 years old, to partake in an evening of camaraderie and healthy competition on a flat and fast course.

Date: Friday, March 8th
Time: 18:00
Location: Doughiska Community Garden, Galway

The Sunset Mile is more than just a race; it's an opportunity for the community to come together, celebrate International Women's Day, and promote a healthy lifestyle. This inclusive event encourages participants to challenge themselves, regardless of their running experience, as they traverse a flat course that caters to various skill levels.

  • The Sunset Mile is a free race, open to participants of all backgrounds and abilities. This approach reflects the organisers' commitment to making fitness accessible to everyone.
  • The Sunset Mile welcomes participants as young as 8 years old, making it a family-friendly affair. This inclusive approach encourages a sense of community and promotes healthy habits from a young age. 
  • There will be a Mens Mile after the Women's Mile at roughly 18:20. To add an extra layer of excitement and precision to the event, both the women's and men's races will be chip-timed. This ensures accurate recording of participants' times, fostering a competitive yet friendly atmosphere.

Participating in the Sunset Mile is as easy as lacing up your running shoes and joining the enthusiastic crowd at Doughiska Community Garden on March 8th. No prior registration fees or complicated sign-up processes are required. Use this link to sign up and simply arrive on the day for the celebration!

Tribal Running invites Galway residents and people from beyond to make their mark on the Sunset Mile and contribute to a memorable International Women's Day celebration. Lace up, join the race, and be a part of this empowering event in the heart of Galway.