Coast2Coast Update: Payne Prevails!

June 27, 2024

The Irish Coast2Coast race has been an epic journey of endurance and determination, testing participants across the mammoth 600km route from Bray Head in Wicklow to Bray Head on Valentia Island. Since its commencement at the stroke of midnight on Saturday, solo runners and relay teams alike have pushed themselves to their limits, striving to conquer one of Ireland's most demanding endurance challenges. We are back to offer another update since yesterday's achievements.

Ed Payne has emerged victorious as the first solo participant to cross the finish line. A member of Galway Trail Running, Payne's journey spanned over 5 days of relentless effort. His accomplishment has not only brought pride to his club but has also inspired admiration and awe among spectators and fellow participants. Congratulations Ed!

The relay category of the Irish Coast2Coast race has been fiercely contested, with teams from various clubs and regions showcasing their teamwork and endurance on the course this week. Yesterday, "Dublin Mountain Running Club" secured the third position in the relay, finishing just 2.5 hours after "Cork Trails" in what was an unbelievable effort by all involved! 

Dublin Mountain Running Club
Dublin Mountain Running Club relay team

The "Loopers" have just completed their arduous journey across the Irish Coast2Coast race, crossing the finish line this afternoon as the fourth relay team to achieve this impressive feat. Congratulations to every member of The Loopers team!

From solo runners pushing their physical and mental boundaries to relay teams demonstrating seamless teamwork, each participant in this race embodies the spirit of perseverance and passion for running.

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