Conquering Glengarriff in the Fog in the Bog League

May 03, 2024

This weekend marks the much-anticipated Glengarriff IMRA Munster Race, the fourth instalment in the Fog in the Bog League. With promising weather on the horizon for Sunday, participants are gearing up for a breathtaking race amidst stunning views. Gerard Harrington, the Race Director, is all set to ensure a smooth and exhilarating experience for all runners.

The race offers two challenging courses catering to different levels of expertise. The Long Course spans 11 kilometres and kicks off at 12:00, while the Short Course covers 4.5 kilometres with a start time of 11:45.

The 11-kilometre route commences with a half-kilometre stretch on a tar road section of Beara Way. Transitioning to a trail, runners navigate another half-kilometer on BW before venturing into open mountain and quad tracks for 1.5 kilometres towards Cobduff. This section rounds the summit before embarking on an out-and-back 2-kilometre route to Derroograne, primarily following quad tracks. Runners then descend Cobduff, retracing part of the ascent before taking a lengthened route to the Beara Way for the return leg to the starting point.

For those opting for the 4.5-kilometre challenge, the route follows an out-and-back course along the Beara Way, encompassing both tar and trail sections. While shorter in distance, this course promises its own set of scenic delights and athletic hurdles.

Safety remains a top priority, with marshals or arrows with flags stationed at all junctions strategically marking the course throughout. The Beara Way trail sections are particularly notable for their Yellow Man markers, guiding participants along the designated path. Runners are advised to exercise caution, especially in potentially boggy areas and during descents on the return leg.

As excitement builds and runners prepare to test their mettle against Glengarriff's terrain, anticipation is high for a memorable and challenging race. The combination of natural beauty, technical trails, and expert organisation sets the stage for an unforgettable weekend of mountain running in the heart of Munster.

Featured Image: Gerard Harrington

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