EPS Group Sponsor the Opening Event of the Rebel Diamond League!

March 07, 2024

In a thrilling collaboration between EPS Group and the organisers of the Banteer 5 Mile Race, this weekend's event promises to be an unforgettable experience for all participants. The Banteer 5 Mile Race, which marks the inaugural race of the Rebel Diamond League, has received support from EPS Group, particularly in the crucial aspect of safety.

Patrick Buckley and the entire EPS team have stepped up as sponsors for the event, generously sponsoring the Traffic Management to ensure the safety of all participants. With EPS Group at the helm of safety measures, runners can confidently lace up their sneakers, knowing that their well-being is the top priority.

This partnership not only enhances the race's safety measures but also reflects EPS Group's active engagement in supporting local communities.

The Banteer 5 Mile Race, which launches the brand new Rebel Diamond League, has become a much-anticipated event for running enthusiasts. The race is now designed to be the safest yet, thanks to the meticulous planning from the organisers and the sponsorship from EPS Group.

The race route, known for its flat terrain without any hills, promises an enjoyable and challenging experience for participants of all skill levels. Runners will take in the village of Banteer over a 5 mile distance before making their way to the finish line at the Banteer Community Centre, which serves as the Race Headquarters.

Participants can register here at the community centre, where the race day activities will also be centred. Post-race amenities include a selection of home-baked treats, tea, and coffee, providing a perfect opportunity for runners to unwind and share their race-day experiences.

The EPS Group's sponsorship not only elevates the safety standards of the Banteer 5 Mile Race but also underscores the importance of community collaboration in fostering memorable and secure events. As runners prepare to hit the road with confidence, EPS Group stands as a beacon of support, ensuring that the Rebel Diamond League's inaugural event will be a resounding success.

You can sign up for the race by clicking the link to our very own Race Calendar here!

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