Forging Champions: Rachel Akers' Path to Triple Gold at the European Masters Athletics Championships

March 28, 2024

Rachel Akers achieved a remarkable feat at the European Masters Athletics Championships, clinching an incredible three gold medals in Torun, Poland in the Hammer, Discus, and Weight Throw. Akers told Run Republic all about her journey to the event.

Akers' journey to success began in August, a pivotal moment when she made the decision to participate in the European Championships. With the event scheduled for March, she and her coach, her father, crafted a seven-month plan aimed at peaking at the right time. The timing posed a peculiar challenge for Akers, primarily a hammer thrower accustomed to peaking in the summer months. Nevertheless, she embraced the challenge, determined to excel.

One of the key elements of Akers' preparation was the incorporation of additional weight training and core exercises into her regimen, complementing her traditional throwing routines. This approach aimed to enhance her strength, speed, and overall performance, ensuring she was primed for success across the of events.

Akers' return to competitive athletics after a hiatus exemplifies her resilience and determination. Following a shoulder injury that threatened to derail her athletic career, she took a break, focusing on family life. However, the allure of competition never truly faded, and a chance invitation from Ennis Track reignited her passion for throwing. Despite a decade-long absence, Akers' competitive spirit remained undiminished, propelling her back into the world of athletics with renewed vigour.

Navigating the dynamics of the W35 category presented another challenge for Akers. Approaching the age of 40, she found herself at the tail end of her age group, facing formidable competition from younger athletes. Recognising the influx of new talent, Akers strategised meticulously to secure her position at the top. Drawing from her experience and expertise, she aimed to surpass her previous achievements, setting the bar high to maintain her competitive edge. 

Akers mentioned the pressure upon her, as she aimed to defend her titles from the World Championships, where she had previously secured double gold in the hammer and weight throw events. Armed with the knowledge of her capabilities and the distances she needed to reach, Akers approached the European Championships with confidence. Her preparation and focus culminated in a triumphant performance and, in the upcoming articles, Rachel shares all about those three golden moments in Torun!

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