Galty Crossing: The Epic Annual Mountain Race

June 14, 2024

On Sunday morning, June 16th, the eagerly anticipated and highly popular Galty Crossing will take place, drawing in 83 participants. This epic annual mountain race, organised by the Irish Mountain Running Association (IMRA), promises a challenging yet unforgettable experience for all involved.

Participants will gather at Cahir Castle Car Park, from where they will be transported by bus to the race's starting point at Anglesboro, located at the base of Temple Hill. From there, runners will embark on a gruelling 32km journey, featuring a staggering 1,500m of elevation gain as they traverse the magnificent Galty Peaks, ultimately making their way back to Cahir.

A unique aspect of the Galty Crossing is its emphasis on self-sufficiency and navigation. Runners are required to be fully self-reliant and must use self-navigation skills to ensure they hit all nine designated checkpoints. These checkpoints, whose map coordinates have been provided to all entrants, are monitored using Primal Tracking technology. This ensures that all participants adhere to the course, with significant time penalties imposed on those who miss any checkpoints.

Visibility on the route has been a notable concern in previous years, emphasising the need for participants to have strong navigation skills. The terrain and weather conditions can be unpredictable, adding to the complexity and excitement of the race.

Mags Hassett, PRO of the IMRA Munster Committee, shared her enthusiasm for the event with Run Republic. She described the joy and sense of accomplishment that comes from running across the Galty Mountains, highlighting it as her favourite race of the previous year. Her insights offer a tantalising glimpse of what awaits first-time participants, promising them an unforgettable adventure.

As runners prepare to tackle this formidable course, they will be rewarded not only by the challenge itself but also by the stunning beauty of the Galty Peaks and the shared sense of accomplishment with fellow participants. This race is sure to leave lasting memories and a profound sense of pride for everyone involved.

Featured Image: by Patricia Ryan

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