Galway 5km Series 2024: Leg 2 Ignites Tuam with Running Fever

April 30, 2024

The Galway 5km Series 2024 is in full swing, and the excitement is palpable as runners gear up for the second leg, set to commence tonight in Tuam. Following the triumph of leg 1 in Abbeyknockmoy, where close to 700 enthusiastic participants took on the challenge, the stage is now set for another thrilling evening of running.

Tonight's race, slated to begin at 8pm sharp, has garnered considerable anticipation, with runners eager to test their mettle once again. Organisers urge participants to arrive early to ensure a seamless start to the event. Number and T-shirt collection services will be available in the school car park until 7:30 pm, emphasising the importance of timely registration and preparation.

For those who missed leg 1 but have already registered, fret not; tonight offers the opportunity to catch up by collecting your race essentials. This inclusive approach underscores the series' commitment to accommodating all participants, regardless of their previous attendance.

The Galway 5km Series has earned a reputation for its no-frills yet electrifying atmosphere, drawing runners and spectators alike to witness the spectacle. Each leg of the series illuminates the communities it traverses, igniting a sense of unity and sporting spirit throughout Galway.

As the series progresses, anticipation mounts for the upcoming legs, promising more exhilarating experiences and memorable moments for participants and supporters alike. With its continued growth and impact on local communities, the Galway 5km Series remains a beacon of active living and community engagement in the region.

Stay tuned to Run Republic for updates and highlights from tonight's event, as the Galway 5km Series continues to captivate and inspire runners of all ages and abilities.

Featured Image: John S O'Connor

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