Hellevation's Inaugural Backyard Ultra Soars to Success

April 08, 2024

Hellevation, Munster's first-ever Backyard Ultra, made waves in the running community during its debut weekend. Co-founders Tom Owens and PJ Meehan reflect on the event's remarkable success with Run Republic, highlighting key moments, standout performances, and plans for the future.

Despite initial weather concerns that prompted considerations of cancellation, Hellevation kicked off with 32 enthusiastic participants embarking on the first loop. Owens recalls the palpable energy that filled the air, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. "The atmosphere was brilliant," Owens notes, a sentiment echoed by attendees and organisers alike.

One of the event's standout aspects was the partnership with The Coffee Coop, whose support and dedication added a unique flavour to the proceedings. Their contributions and hospitality were instrumental in creating a memorable event for all involved.

Hellevation witnessed remarkable achievements, from runners completing their first marathon or ultra-distance to others pushing their limits and leaving it all on the course. Meehan shares, "There were some amazing performances".

The positive feedback poured in, with participants praising the event's organisation, the well-designed course, and the overall setup. This validation of Hellevation's efforts and attention to detail was deeply gratifying for the entire team.

In a thrilling finale, Wayne McGuigan emerged victorious with an impressive 25 loops, followed closely by Mike Sheehy with 24 loops. Their determination and endurance symbolised the spirit of Hellevation, inspiring others to push beyond their limits.

Expressing gratitude, Owens extends heartfelt thanks to everyone involved, from marshalls and volunteers to esteemed figures like Irish ultra runner Keith Russell, whose advice and expertise contributed to the event's success.

Looking ahead, the Hellevation team eagerly anticipates future editions, with plans already in motion for Hellevation 2025. "We will definitely do it all again next year!" Owens affirms, setting the stage for another epic gathering of running enthusiasts and adventurers.

Hellevation's inaugural Backyard Ultra not only showcased the scenic beauty of Munster but also highlighted the resilience and passion that define the running community. As the echoes of this year's success fade, anticipation mounts for what promises to be an even more extraordinary Hellevation experience in the years to come.

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