IMRA Easter Break: A Look Ahead at Exciting Races

March 28, 2024

As Easter approaches, the Irish Mountain Running Association (IMRA) takes a brief pause in its exhilarating calendar, giving us all a chance to reflect on the thrilling moments and remarkable athletes that have defined the 2024 season so far. With a packed schedule leading up to this interlude, the recent Torc Wood and Dysart Woods races marked the culmination of a run of exciting races. However, as IMRA enthusiasts catch their breath, anticipation builds for the upcoming races set to resume next weekend

The 2024 IMRA season has been nothing short of spectacular. From breathtaking landscapes to remarkable performances, each race has contributed to the tapestry of mountain running in Ireland.

As IMRA takes a brief hiatus for Easter, runners and spectators eagerly await the resumption of races. With the promise of adrenaline-fueled competition and scenic routes, the upcoming events are poised to captivate audiences once again. Here's a preview of what lies ahead upon the restart:

Saturday, April 6th: Tory Hill Race (Southeast League)

IMRA's return post-Easter begins with the highly anticipated Tory Hill race. Spanning 6 kilometers with an ascent of approximately 175 meters, this race promises to challenge participants while offering stunning views. As runners tackle rugged terrain and push their limits, the Tory Hill race is expected to deliver a spectacle for both athletes and spectators alike.

Sunday, April 7th: Sligo Women's Trail Series and Annagh Hill Race (Leinster Spring League)

Sunday brings a double dose of excitement, with two distinct events showcasing the diversity of IMRA races. The Sligo Women's Trail Series kicks off with the Hazel Wood race, inviting all skill levels to participate. Against the backdrop of Sligo's trails, participants will embark on a journey of endurance, setting the stage for a memorable event and series to come.

Also on Sunday, the Annagh Hill race brings the Leinster Spring League to a thrilling conclusion. As runners converge upon the terrain of Annagh Hill, they'll vie for glory in the final leg of this fiercely contested league. With competitors leaving it all on the trails, the Annagh Hill race promises an exhilarating conclusion to the spring league.

Friday, April 12th: Seefin Uphill Race (Euro Uphill Trial Race)

The excitement continues to mount as action returns to Munster on Friday, April 12th, with the highly anticipated Seefin Uphill Race. This event holds special significance as it doubles as a Euro Uphill Trial, attracting elite athletes.

As IMRA prepares to resume its action-packed schedule, excitement permeates the mountain running community. With each race offering its own unique challenges and rewards, participants eagerly anticipate the opportunity to test their mettle against nature's grandeur. From seasoned veterans to newcomers, IMRA welcomes all who share a passion for adventure and competition.

Featured Image: by Valerie O'Sullivan

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