IMRA's Mission: Growing Mountain Running Sustainably and Inclusively

February 23, 2024

IMRA is not merely focused on organising mountain running events; rather, it aims to foster a significant increase in the number of people participating in this exhilarating sport across the country. However, the organisation's vision goes beyond just numbers; it is committed to doing so sustainably and inclusively.

In an exclusive interview with Run Republic, Turlough Conway, Head of the IMRA West League, shared insights on IMRA's mission and how they aim to grow the sport. 

IMRA's primary objective is to elevate the popularity of mountain running in Ireland. Turlough Conway emphasised this goal, stating that the organisation seeks to broaden its reach to different regions, including disadvantaged areas. The establishment of the IMRA West League serves as a clear example of their dedication to spreading the joy of mountain running in the West of Ireland.

While promoting the sport, IMRA is equally dedicated to being environmentally responsible. Conway highlighted the importance of being mindful of the environment, making it a fundamental part of their mission. In an effort to align with these values, IMRA is set to adopt eco-friendly practices in their events. The use of reusable cups instead of disposable materials for water, and a commitment to avoiding any impact on the natural landscape, are indicative of their commitment to sustainable mountain running.

One of the significant initiatives IMRA is launching this year is the implementation of "clean, green" races. Turlough Conway explained that the organisation will view their races through "green tinted glasses," ensuring that each event is conducted in an environmentally conscious manner. The emphasis will be on using materials that leave minimal ecological footprint, such as reusable items and eco-friendly race gear.

Beyond environmental considerations, IMRA is also committed to making mountain running an inclusive sport. The goal is to create an environment where people from all walks of life can participate and feel welcome. This inclusivity extends not only to seasoned runners but also to those who may be new to the sport or have limited access to such opportunities.

IMRA's mission, as outlined by Turlough Conway, is a testament to the organisation's multifaceted approach to mountain running. By seeking to increase participation while upholding sustainability and inclusivity, IMRA is setting a commendable standard for sports organisations at home and abroad. As they embark on their journey to bring mountain running to more people, the emphasis on environmental responsibility and inclusivity ensures that their impact is not only in numbers but also in the positive influence they leave on the communities and landscapes they touch.

Featured Image: Galway Trail Running