Moylussa Awaits in IMRA Munster Championship

June 07, 2024

This weekend, June 9th, the IMRA Munster Championship continues with the eagerly anticipated Moylussa race in Lough Derg, Co. Clare. The race, known for its challenging yet picturesque route, promises an exhilarating experience for all participants.

Starting at 11am, under the guidance of Race Director Rowan Walsh, runners will embark on a 15.5km journey with an elevation gain of 583m. The course is a blend of narrow single tracks, wider fire roads, and open mountain terrain, offering varied challenges and breathtaking views.

The race is structured primarily as an out-and-back run. Competitors will first make their way to the trig point at the summit of Moylussa, the highest point in County Clare. From there, they will continue to Cragnamurragh. The segment between Moylussa and Cragnamurragh is unmarked and traverses open mountain terrain, requiring participants to navigate using their own means.

Boasting a difficulty rating of 7 on the IMRA Difficulty Scale, the Moylussa race is not for the faint-hearted. The combination of steep ascents, rugged terrain, and the necessity for navigation skills adds to the race’s allure and complexity.

This event marks the third race in the Munster Championship series, drawing attention from the wider mountain running community. The stunning backdrop of Lough Derg enhances the race’s appeal, promising both a physically demanding and visually rewarding experience for the runners.

As the championship progresses, all eyes are on Moylussa. The competitors’ endurance and navigation skills will be put to the test, making for a thrilling and unforgettable race.

Featured Image: Courtesy of IMRA Munster

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