Mt. Hillary AC Rings in the New Year with 5K-A-Day Challenge Benefiting Penny Dinners, Cork

January 04, 2024

With a new year upon us, many clubs around the country are hosting their own challenges to kick off the year on the right foot. In North Cork, Mt. Hillary AC have launched their very own 5K-A-Day Challenge, in aid of Penny Dinners, Cork, a charity that has been helping people in need around the county for decades. 

Run Republic spoke with Deirdre Fallon of Mt. Hillary AC about the challenge, before another member, Mary Boyce, wrote this wonderful piece about the initiative.

'As we bid farewell to 2023, the members of Mt. Hillary Athletic Club are lacing up their running shoes and continuing the momentum into the new year with a unique 5K-a-Day Challenge that not only promotes fitness but also supports a commendable cause.

'Throughout the month of December, Mt. Hillary AC organized a spirited 5K-a-Day run or walk challenge that captured the hearts and soles of the local community. Participants from all walks of life took part, embracing the opportunity to stay active, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and bring a sense of joy and accomplishment to their daily routines.

'One of the standout features of the challenge was the incorporation of fun and motivation through weekly spot prizes. Runners and walkers who diligently posted their times were not only striving for personal fitness goals but also competing for exciting spot prizes generously donated by local businesses. This not only added an element of friendly competition but also fostered a sense of community spirit and camaraderie.

'Encouraged by the overwhelming success and positive feedback from participants, Mt. Hillary AC has decided to extend the 5K-a-Day Challenge into January, with an added philanthropic twist. This time around, participants are not just breaking a sweat for personal wellness; they are also stepping up to make a difference in the community by fundraising for Penny Dinners, Cork.

'Penny Dinners, a local charity renowned for its tireless efforts in providing hot meals and support to those in need, has been chosen as the beneficiary of this charitable initiative. Participants in the January challenge are encouraged to seek pledges and donations, turning each step into a contribution towards a worthy cause.

'The spirit of giving continues with the continuation of the weekly spot prizes, as local businesses rally behind Mt. Hillary AC's initiative. These donated prizes serve as a token of appreciation for the dedication and commitment shown by participants, making the challenge not only fulfilling on a personal level but also rewarding in unexpected ways.

'As we embark on this journey together into the new year, Mt. Hillary AC invites everyone to join the 5K-a-Day Challenge, whether to embrace a healthier lifestyle, connect with the community, or contribute to a meaningful cause. Let the streets and trails of our local area be witness to the collective determination and compassion that defines Mt. Hillary AC and its members. Lace up, step out, and make each stride count – for yourself and for those in need.'

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