New Route Delights Runners at IMRA Brockagh Race

May 23, 2024

Yesterday evening, the Irish Mountain Running Association (IMRA) Brockagh race took place in scenic surroundings, introducing a brand new route that had participants buzzing with excitement. This event marked the fourth race in the 2024 Leinster League, following successful outings at Belmont and Little Sugar Loaf, Scarr, and Sugar Bowl.

The main race spanned 9.9 kilometres and challenged runners with a 414-metre elevation gain. A shorter junior course was also available, stretching 4.6km with a 211m elevation gain. Both courses were met with enthusiastic praise, as runners enjoyed the fresh challenge and stunning vistas offered by the new route.

In the women's category, Becky Quinn emerged victorious, with Loraine Creane and Maria Harney taking second and third places, respectively. The men's race saw Daire Finn clinching first place, followed by Mark McAdden in second and Colm O'Neill in third.

Race Director Niamh O'Ceallaigh received widespread acclaim for her exceptional organisation of the event. The success of the race was also attributed to the dedicated volunteers who generously contributed their time and effort, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all participants.

The positive feedback from runners highlighted the success of the new route, with many expressing that it was one of their favorite courses to date. The excitement generated by this race has set a high bar for the remainder of the league.

Runners are now turning their attention towards the next event in the Leinster League, which is set to take place at Prince William's Seat next Wednesday, May 29th. With momentum building, anticipation is high for another exhilarating race.

Featured Image: by Alistair Hodgett

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