Rachel Akers' Golden Hat-Trick

April 05, 2024

Rachel Akers recently solidified her dominance at the European Masters Athletics Championships in Torun, Poland, by claiming three gold medals, the final of which being in the weight throw. This third medal feat followed her earlier victories in the discus and hammer throw which earned her golds on the opening two days of the Championships.

The weight throw, characterised by a short triangular handle and a 20-pound ball, posed unique challenges for Akers. Recounting her experience, she revealed a somewhat tumultuous start to the competition. Her first two throws resulted in fouls, pushing her to the brink of elimination. However, Akers, undeterred by the setbacks, delivered a crucial throw of 14.40 metres on her third attempt, propelling her into the lead and securing her position in the competition.

Despite her winning performance, Akers candidly acknowledged that her results fell short of her personal standards, citing her training achievements of consistently surpassing the 15-meter mark. Her winning throw of 14.77 meters, although impressive, reflected the added challenge of outdoor conditions compared to her indoor performances, such as her notable 16.04-meter throw at the World Championships just last year.

Akers attributed much of her success to her father, who serves as her coach, trainer, and support system. She expressed gratitude for his relentless dedication and integral role in her athletic journey, emphasising his pivotal contributions both on and off the field.

The road to victory was not without obstacles, as Akers disclosed a last-minute injury – a pulled groin just days before the Championships commenced. Despite initial uncertainty, with the help of a local skilled therapist and support from individuals like Ian Egan, Akers overcame this setback, highlighting her resilience and ability to adapt under pressure.

Akers' triple-gold achievement at the Championships stands as a testament to her exceptional talent and tenacity, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the world of athletics. Her journey not only celebrates individual triumphs but also underscores the significance of perseverance, support systems, and overcoming adversities on the path to success.

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