Ramble on...

January 03, 2019

There will be a music theme to a lot of my blogs. I tend to have a song for almost every run, and which can best describe my mood during a run & Ramble on. Today's hit comes from the music God's that are Led Zeppelin. 

New years resolutions are easy for the first two days. The enthusiasm is still fresh in our eyes, and we're ready and willing to throw ourselves into the never ending tarmac. Lets all call a spade a spade, this doesn't last forever. By day 3, some of us will feel that love beginning to fade. So how do we keep that flame burning, that desire to keep rambling on glowing inside? We no longer do it on our own! We become one of a collective! I run with Raheny Shamrock, and with the local running club Busrun. Training with them holds me accountable for getting out, knowing that there is now a new expectation and reason to run.

The same is true for #Runathon. While not a physical club, we are becoming part of an online running community. People from Cork, Donegal, Galway, Wexford, Dublin, Tipperary, and even Germany are taking part. It doesn't matter where you are, or how far you're running, you're now doing it as part of an online club. Seeing other people's activity, be it walking, running, or otherwise, we feel the desire to get out, and make our own way.

It's only day 3, lets all Ramble On, and inspire each other to keep running!!



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