Sligo Women's Trail Series Finale Celebrates Success and Encourages Participation in IMRA West League

April 29, 2024

The IMRA Sligo Women's Trail Series reached its thrilling conclusion on April 28th at Union Wood, where 46 women completed a challenging yet exhilarating 6km trail run. This event marked the culmination of a unique untimed series aimed at encouraging participation and fostering a love for trail running among women in the region. Designed to both challenge and motivate participants, the trail took runners through gravel fire roads and single-track paths adorned with natural obstacles like tree roots, rocks, and mud, all set against the breathtaking backdrop of blooming bluebells.

The series, a collaborative effort between Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership (SSRP) and IMRA (Irish Mountain Running Association), has been hailed as a resounding success in promoting women's involvement in trail running. Theresa Kilgannon from SSRP expressed her satisfaction with the partnership, stating, "This has been a very successful partnership between SSRP and IMRA to increase women’s participation in trail running." Kilgannon highlighted the positive feedback received from participants who found the untimed nature of the series to be motivating, creating a relaxed atmosphere conducive to enjoyment and personal challenge.

The IMRA Sligo Women's Trail Series attracted a total of 99 individual women across three events, underscoring the growing interest and enthusiasm for trail running in the community. Moreover, the series achieved its goal of building confidence among participants, with many now eager to take on the upcoming IMRA West League.

The IMRA West League, kicking off on May 11th, presents an exciting opportunity for trail and mountain running enthusiasts to further test their skills and endurance. Participants can opt for the 6km short course or tackle the full course, which includes an additional 2km and a challenging climb to summit Union Rock, promising a truly exhilarating experience. For those who wish to savour the route and soak in the scenic vistas, there's even an option to start 30 minutes early at IMRA events.

Open to individuals aged 6 years and above, the IMRA West League embodies inclusivity and adventure, inviting runners of all levels to join in the thrill of mountain running. With the success of the Sligo Women's Trail Series as a testament to the growing passion for this sport, the IMRA West League is poised to be an unforgettable one.

Featured Image: Courtesy of Theresa Kilgannon

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