Sligo Women's Trail Series: Second Run Delights Participants at Slish Wood

April 22, 2024

The second run of the IMRA Sligo Women’s Trail Series in collaboration with Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership unfolded amidst the stunning backdrop of Slish Wood on April 21st. The event, marked by radiant sunshine, saw fifty enthusiastic women take on the challenging yet exhilarating trail course.

The course commenced with a demanding 1.5km uphill stretch leading towards the scenic Lough Lumman. Participants then navigated through a single track adorned with intermittent muddy patches, tracing a path towards the picturesque lake. The turnaround point at the lake not only offered a breathtaking view but also signalled the start of a pleasant downhill journey back to the finish line, making it an 'out and back' course that combined beauty with challenge.

One of the defining aspects of the Sligo Women’s Trail Series is its inclusive nature, where participants of all levels—be it joggers or walkers—can partake in the adventure. Unlike traditional events, no times are recorded during these runs, fostering a relaxed and supportive environment for women to delve into the world of trail running.

These trail runs, while structured similarly to other IMRA trail running events, focus on building confidence among women, encouraging them to transition towards more competitive endeavours such as the IMRA West League. The upcoming IMRA West League promises an exciting lineup of 11 events scheduled between May and August, offering ample opportunities for trail enthusiasts to test their skills and explore new terrains.

The Sligo Women's Trail Series is set to culminate with its final event at Union Wood on Sunday, April 28th, starting at 10 am. This event presents another chance for participants to immerse themselves in the beauty of trail running, weaving through hills and forest trails within the tranquil setting of Union Wood. To secure a spot for this event, interested individuals can register at IMRA's event page.

For those keen on delving into the world of trail running beyond the women's series, the IMRA West league is gearing up to resume in May. Open to participants aged 6 years and above, these events offer a blend of adventure and togetherness, providing an ideal platform for individuals to embrace the challenges and joys of trail running.

Stay updated on upcoming events and league details by visiting IMRA's official website or following IMRA West on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to embark on a thrilling trail running journey filled with scenic vistas and memorable experiences!

Featured Image: Theresa Kilgannon

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