The Curtain Falls on the Galway 5km Series in Athenry

May 29, 2024

The 2024 Galway 5km Series concluded with a thrilling final race in Athenry last night. Participants, organisers, and supporters gathered to celebrate the successful end of this cherished event, which has become a highlight of the local running calendar. The 18th year of this popular event saw the customary great running by all who took part, adding to the no frills atmosphere and community which this series is built on.  

The dedication and enthusiasm of the runners was evident throughout all six races, making each event memorable and exciting. The organisers extended their heartfelt thanks to all the host clubs and marshals who ensured the safety and smooth operation of the races. Their commitment and hard work were crucial to the series' success.

Special thanks were also given to EY, the event's sponsors, whose continued support is greatly appreciated by everyone involved. The backing from EY has been instrumental in maintaining the high standards and community spirit of the series.

As Colm McAllen also told Run Republic yesterday, massive acknowledgement must be given to the incredible contributions of Andrew Talbot and John O’Connor, who captured the spirit of the series through their exceptional photography. Their photos over the past six weeks have provided wonderful memories for participants and spectators alike.

The final leg in Athenry saw about 560 runners cross the finish line, an impressive turnout given the unpredictable weather conditions. Despite the mixed weather, the runners' spirits were high, and the atmosphere was electric as everyone came together to celebrate the culmination of the series.

Looking ahead, there is already a buzz of excitement for next year's Galway 5km Series. The first leg of the 2025 series will mark the 100th in-person leg, a significant milestone that underscores the series' legacy and impact on the local running community. Anticipation is building for this monumental occasion, and it promises to be a fitting tribute to the tradition and community that the Galway 5km Series embodies. 

As we bid farewell to this year's series, we reflect on the joy, achievements, and community spirit that define the Galway 5km Series. Here's to another year of great running, community engagement, and the celebration of health and fitness in Galway.

Featured Image: by Andrew Talbot

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