The Irresistible Allure of IMRA Munster Races

March 01, 2024

As the Fog in the Bog league kicks off this weekend with the Mushera-Boggeraghs race, runners are gearing up for an exhilarating experience in this IMRA Munster league. To shed light on the unique charm of these races, we caught up with Mags Hassett, the PRO of IMRA Munster, to get a firsthand account of what makes these events so special.

Mags highlighted the breathtaking landscapes that serve as the backdrop for IMRA Munster races. "We have beautiful scenery. We have loads of mountains. There's nobody on them most of the time, right? Especially the places we go," she enthuses. The races take participants to uncharted territories, providing a rare opportunity to run in new and awe-inspiring locations.

One of the defining features of IMRA Munster races is the challenging off-road terrain. Mags emphasises the importance of adapting to varied surfaces, stating, "When you get used to the off-road, I think it builds strength in lots of ways. Definitely in flexibility in your legs." Participants confront diverse terrains, fostering a unique set of skills that extends beyond the traditional running experience.

Focusing on this weekend's race, Mags told Run Republic that the Race Director for this weekends Mushera-Boggeraghs event has provided runners with plenty of options from a short course to a long course, with the added choice of starting the long course early if you would prefer to take it slowly. There is a kids race also taking place, making this Sunday's race one for the whole family!

Hassett explains that the race is geared towards helping people make the transition from trail to mountain on a fully marked course with just some extra elevation. The races in Munster accommodate varying skill levels with early start times, making them accessible to participants of all ages and abilities.

The IMRA Munster races and the Fog in the Bog league promise more than just a physical challenge; they deliver an immersive adventure, a supportive community, and an infectious sense of camaraderie. So, whether you're a seasoned trail runner or a curious onlooker, consider joining the ranks this weekend to discover the indescribable "craic" and make lasting memories on the trails of IMRA Munster.

Featured Image: Courtesy of IMRA Munster

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