The Remarkable Sangodele Brothers: Daniel and Kevin Shine at 2024 National Indoors

April 10, 2024

The sporting world often witnesses tales of extraordinary talent, but few are as captivating as the journey of the Sangodele brothers – Daniel and Kevin. At the recent 2024 National Indoors, these two siblings both set new Championship Best Performances.

Daniel, last year’s under 16 National outdoor champion and subsequently named in an Irish selection, stunned audiences by clinching the Under 17 Triple Jump title. What made his achievement even more extraordinary was the manner in which he did it – setting a new Championship Best Performance with a leap of 13.26 metres. This jump not only shattered the existing record by 1.06 metres but also eclipsed his own previous best by a whopping 54 centimetres. This new record will pose a formidable challenge for future contenders.

However, Daniel's triumph was not the only highlight for the Sangodele family at the event. On Day 1, Kevin, the younger of the siblings, set the stage on fire with his own display of prowess in the Triple Jump discipline. His leap of 11.05 meters not only secured him the Championship Best but also marked a significant improvement from his earlier performances, notably from his debut at Galway indoors where he jumped 9.41 meters, to claiming the Connacht title with a leap of 10.19 meters. Kevin's rapid progress and dedication were evident, signalling a bright future ahead for this budding athlete.

Daniel's versatility as an athlete was further showcased in his accomplishments in the Long Jump category. Having secured a silver at the Irish Schools competition in the previous year, Daniel continued to excel by clinching National Outdoor and Indoor bronzes. His journey of success culminated in setting a new personal best of 6.15 meters, achieved just a day after his triumphant performance in the Indoor Triple Jump event. Kevin made his mark by winning a silver in the 4x200m relay, a testament to his growing prowess on the track.

The Sangodele brothers' achievements extend beyond individual glory, as they have also made significant contributions to their clubs' relay teams. Daniel, with three national relay silvers in the past two seasons, has been a key asset in team events. Kevin's emergence as a promising relay runner follows in the footsteps of his older brother, hinting at a legacy of relay excellence within the Sangodele family.

Looking ahead, the Sangodele brothers have set their sights on a new milestone – representing Ireland together in the upcoming Schools International event. 

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