Tomies/Purple Mountain Race: Kicking Off IMRA Munster Championship

May 10, 2024

This Sunday, May 10th, marks a significant event in the mountain running community as the IMRA Munster Championship begins with the highly anticipated Tomies/Purple Mountain race in Kerry. As the inaugural race of the six-event Munster Championship, runners are gearing up for an exhilarating challenge amidst the stunning landscapes of Ireland's southwest.

Organised under the expertise of Race Director Conor McElroy, the event promises a thrilling experience for both seasoned mountain runners and enthusiastic juniors. The race offerings include a short course tailored for adults and juniors covering a distance of 6 kilometres with an elevation gain of 568 metres. Additionally, a dedicated kids' race ensures that the spirit of mountain running is passed down to the next generation.

The long course, starting at 11am, boasts a formidable 867 metres of elevation spread over 12.5 kilometres. This demanding route requires participants to possess strong navigation skills, as they navigate through varying terrains amidst the rugged beauty of Tomies/Purple Mountain. While the path is marked, its challenges lie in the thick heather that often obscures the way, making it crucial for runners to rely on map and compass to traverse safely.

One of the distinctive features of this race is the presence of steep cliffs that add an element of danger and excitement. Runners must exercise caution and respect the natural hazards present in the terrain, especially given the frequent poor visibility conditions that can further amplify the challenges. It's essential for participants to be well-prepared, mentally and physically, for the demanding conditions they will encounter along the route.

Despite the obstacles, the Tomies/Purple Mountain race promises unforgettable moments amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Kerry. It's not just a test of physical endurance but also a celebration of the mountain running community's passion and resilience. As runners lace up their shoes and prepare to take on the Munster Championship opener, the stage is set for an inspiring display of athleticism and camaraderie against the backdrop of Ireland's majestic mountains.

Featured Image: IMRA Munster

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