Trail Criu's Big Win at IMRA Djouce

June 13, 2024

Run Republic had the pleasure of catching up with Alicia from Trail Criú to discuss the success of their kit collection at yesterday's IMRA Djouce - The Ayling Abyss race in Co. Wicklow. According to Alicia, the event was a resounding success. “It went great,” she shared, as thanks to the numerous donations, Trail Criú was able to amass a substantial amount of running gear, filling an entire car boot. 

This significant haul will greatly benefit their efforts in providing necessary equipment to trail runners who might otherwise lack access to such resources. The enthusiastic response and contributions from various supporters has energised Trail Criú, reinforcing their mission to make trail running an inclusive and accessible sport for all. Alicia added, "We are so delighted! Now the work begins to get through it and get it out to our runners!”.

Alicia expressed heartfelt gratitude to Amphibian King, Half Moon Running Club, and Kilcoole AC for their incredibly kind donations. She also extended thanks to the IMRA runners who participated in the race and contributed generously.

The race, known for its challenging course, saw many Trail Criú members participate with their usual cheerful demeanor, and their happy faces are a testament to the impact such kit collections can have in making trail running more accessible to all.

With the newly acquired gear, Trail Criú is now better equipped to support its runners and continue fostering a welcoming and inclusive trail running community.

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