Trailblazing Excitement: 3 Counties Trail / S. Luachra

May 31, 2024

The 3 Counties Trail / S. Luachra is the third race in the IMRA Munster Summer/Autumn Trail League, set to take place this Sunday at Knockacummer Wind Farm, Rockchapel, Co. Cork. This event follows closely on the heels of the Darby's Bed race, which was held on Wednesday.

Courses and Race Director

  • Long Course: 11.5km with a 300m elevation gain. This course features a combination of fire roads and trails, making for a fast-paced race.
  • Short Course: 5km.
  • Kids Race: A shorter, more manageable distance tailored for younger participants.

The race director for this event is Mairead O'Keeffe, who ensures the smooth running of the race and the safety of all participants.

The long course promises a dynamic racing experience with a mixture of fire roads and trails. The 300m elevation gain adds an element of challenge, requiring runners to balance speed with endurance. The fast terrain is conducive to setting good times, particularly for those who can manage the varying surfaces and elevation changes efficiently.

As it's the third race in the league, the 3 Counties Trail / S. Luchra follows closely after Darby's Bed, which took place on Wednesday. Participants who raced midweek will need to recover quickly to tackle the new course on Sunday. This tight schedule tests the endurance and resilience of the runners.

The 3 Counties Trail / S. Luachra race promises to be an exciting and challenging event. With its fast, mixed-terrain course and beautiful location at Knockacummer Wind Farm, runners are in for a treat. Whether competing in the long course, the short course, or the kiddies race, participants will find a well-organised and scenic race under the direction of Mairead O'Keeffe.

Featured Image: by Mairead O'Keeffe

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