Tribal Games Ignites Passion for Athletics in Ireland

April 24, 2024

In a bid to boost the athletics scene and offer a platform for athletes of all backgrounds, Tribal Running's Sean McDermott is set to launch the second Tribal Games series. This event promises to not only showcase top-tier athletic prowess but also to nurture and support budding talents to stay engaged and competitive in the sport.

Unlike anything seen before in Ireland, the Tribal Games series is akin to the revered Cross Country Series but with a unique twist and a mission to democratise athletics. As the world emerged from the shadows of the pandemic, the resumption of such events becomes not just a celebration of athleticism but a beacon of hope and resilience for athletes and enthusiasts alike.

The Tribal Games will unfold along the picturesque landscapes of the West of Ireland, tapping into a market that craves such exhilarating displays of sporting excellence. McDermott, the driving force behind Tribal Running, recognises the void left by smaller meets that failed to return post-pandemic. The inaugural year of the Tribal Games was a bold endeavour, and its return for a second year underscores its significance in the athletics community.

One of the primary goals of the Tribal Games is to retain athletes within the sport, fostering a culture of perseverance and growth. McDermott notes that many participants from the previous year continued their athletic journey, a testament to the impact and effectiveness of such initiatives.

This year's Tribal Games will embark on a journey through several iconic locations, including Doughiska, Sligo, Ennis, and Newcastle West. The strategic timing of these events coincides with other competitions, allowing athletes a valuable opportunity for practice runs and fine-tuning their skills.

Each Tribal Games event will feature a diverse range of competitions, including sprints, middle-distance races, and two field events. McDermott emphasises the flexibility and adaptability of the series, tailoring events based on the demands and preferences of athletes in each location. Importantly, the Tribal Games are open to all, regardless of club affiliation. Athletes can register on the day of the event, breaking down barriers and welcoming newcomers into the world of track and field.

Perhaps the most significant impact of the Tribal Games lies in its ability to expose a wider audience to the excitement and beauty of track and field athletics. By removing stigmas and barriers, McDermott and Tribal Running are paving the way for a new era of inclusivity and passion within the Irish athletics community.

As the countdown begins for the Tribal Games, anticipation and excitement mount, signaling a bright future for athletics in Ireland. You can sign up for the first meet of the Tribal Games by clicking here!

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