Tribal Running's Sean McDermott Reflects on the Success of Day 5 in the Galway Cross Country Series

February 21, 2024

Tribal Running's Sean McDermott spoke to Run Republic about the triumph of Day 5 in the Galway Cross Country Series. Despite the resurgence of other sports, the event held its ground, showcasing remarkable success and capturing the attention of both seasoned and new participants. McDermott emphasised the unique selling point of time efficiency and the dynamic atmosphere created by the course's urban setting across from ATU Galway.

One standout feature of Day 5 was its remarkable time efficiency, lasting just one hour. McDermott notes that participants could seamlessly integrate the event into their schedules, attracting individuals coming from other sports training sessions. The short duration allowed people to swiftly participate, complete the race, enjoy refreshments, and depart, making it an appealing option for those with busy schedules. This aspect, combined with the central location by the bus stop at ATU Galway, contributed to the events accessibility, attracting both onlookers and participants.

The Galway Cross Country Series took a bold step by hosting Day 5 in an urban setting. McDermott points out the unique atmosphere created as double-decker buses drove by with people on board watching on, as well as pedestrians stopping to witness the races. This unconventional location not only added a new dimension to the event but also attracted attention from passersby, contributing to the growth of a diverse audience.

The event served as a platform for community engagement, with McDermott highlighting the positive response from both new and returning participants. People from previous years returned to partake in the Day 5 event, showcasing the lasting impact and appeal of the Galway Cross Country Series.

Despite rain before and after the event, the window of clear weather allowed participants and spectators alike to enjoy the races without hindrance. This stroke of luck contributed to the overall positive experience and added to the event's success.

The competitive aspect of the races was evident. Padie Coyne emerged victorious in the short course 2km race with a notable time of 9.56, while Hafez Adam secured the 4km race with a time of 19.58 (pictured above). These victories highlighted the level of competition and skill present in the series.

Sean McDermott's reflections on Day 5 of the Galway Cross Country Series showcase a harmonious blend of time efficiency, urban excitement, and community engagement. As the series approaches its final day on March 2nd in Rosshill Park, the success of Day 5 sets the stage for a memorable conclusion to an event that has not only attracted new audiences but also fostered a sense of unity within the running community.

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