Conquer the Beara Way Challenge

May 17, 2024

Mountain running aficionados, gear up for an exhilarating adventure this weekend at the IMRA Beara Way Challenge! Set against the stunning backdrop of the Beara Peninsula, this race promises an unforgettable experience for all participants. While the Beara Way Ultra kicked off this morning, the Beara Way Challenge, taking place on Saturday at 12 noon, is set to captivate runners with its challenging yet breathtaking course.

Race Details:

  • Date and Time: Saturday, starting at 12 noon.
  • Starting Point: Castletownbere town centre.
  • Race Director: Kristen O'Sullivan.

The race begins in the heart of Castletownbere town, where runners will initially cover approximately 2.5km on a tar road, following the Beara Way to the trail head at Derrintaggert. This initial stretch serves as a warm-up before the terrain shifts to fire road for another 2km.

From here, runners will encounter the first significant transition to mountain terrain at the stile. Departing from the marked Beara Way, they will turn right, guided by IMRA markers to the summit of Miskish mountain. This climb is described as "runnable," offering participants magnificent panoramic views of Beara, Bantry Bay, and Kenmare Bay—a reward for their efforts.

After reaching the summit of Miskish, the course descends on the northern side, still following the IMRA markers, leading back onto the Beara Way towards the Urhan Valley. This segment introduces a diverse mix of terrain, including open mountain, fire road, and a brief tar road section of about 1km.

Runners will then ascend the hill road towards Knockoura Mountain. This portion involves approximately 2km of uphill tar road, transitioning into a short section of fire road before returning to open mountain. At the top of Knockoura, participants will begin their descent, guided by IMRA markers back to the Beara Way, ultimately leading them towards Urhan.

The final leg of the race follows the marked Beara Way route back to Castletownbere town centre. This stretch features a wonderful mix of terrain and spectacular sea views, ensuring that runners remain engaged and inspired throughout the race.

Whether you're an experienced mountain runner or looking to tackle your first trail race, this event is a must-attend. So lace up your running shoes and prepare for a journey through one of Ireland's most picturesque landscapes.

Don't miss the Beara Way Challenge this Saturday at noon—a perfect blend of challenge and beauty awaits!

Featured Image: Kristen O'Sullivan

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