Lisdoonvarna 5-Mile Race: Rain to Glory in Run Clare 5 to 10 Challenge

February 19, 2024

The Lisdoonvarna 5-Mile race, a pivotal step in the Run Clare 5 to 10 challenge, unfolded against the backdrop of a wet and gloomy morning, transforming into ideal running weather as participants converged on the charming town of Lisdoonvarna. In a twist of fate, it was the rhythmic pounding of running shoes that animated the town known for its annual matchmaking festival.

The normally tranquil streets of Lisdoonvarna echoed with the cheers and encouragement of locals who turned out in full force to support the 394 runners and walkers braving the challenging course. While Lisdoonvarna is typically associated with love and matchmaking, on this occasion, it was the love for running that took centre stage, captivating the community and infusing energy into the event.

This Lisdoonvarna race marked a significant juncture in the Run Clare 5 to 10 challenge, attracting participants eager to tackle the scenic yet demanding course. As the runners lined up at the start, anticipation and determination filled the air, setting the stage for a memorable race.

The men's category witnessed a fierce battle for supremacy between Ciaran Considine and Benat Sanz De Acedo. In a display of grit and determination, Ciaran Considine emerged victorious, securing the coveted men's title. Benat Sanz De Acedo, not to be outdone, claimed a commendable second place, showcasing the competitive spirit that characterised the race.

The women's category saw a standout performance by Katie O'Dell, who clinched the ladies' title. Notably, O'Dell had previously earned recognition as the runner-up in the Spanish Point 5k, showcasing her consistent prowess in the running circuit. Her victory in Lisdoonvarna adds another feather to her cap and solidifies her standing in the Run Clare 5 to 10 challenge.

With the Lisdoonvarna 5-Mile race in the rearview mirror, attention now shifts to the upcoming Eamon Moloney 10k. Race organisers urge participants to register promptly, emphasising the event's likelihood of selling out soon. As the Run Clare 5 to 10 challenge progresses, the excitement and anticipation among runners continue to build, promising more thrilling moments in the races to come.

You can enter the Eamon Moloney 10k by clicking the link here!

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