Work to Resume on MTU Track Next Week

May 08, 2024

After a prolonged period of setbacks and disappointments, there's finally some good news for athletics enthusiasts in Cork. The MTU Track, which has been dormant for quite some time, is set to resume construction next Monday, May 13th.

This announcement comes as a relief to many, considering the series of events that were cancelled due to the track's closure, including significant championships like last year's 70th Anniversary Cork City Sports and various other county-level competitions.

The journey towards this point has been riddled with challenges. The preparatory work for the track was completed in late Spring 2023. However, unforeseen delays in laying the tarmac sub-surface due to adverse weather conditions caused significant setbacks. The process requires prolonged periods of dry weather between layers, making it sensitive to climate variations.

Despite these obstacles, progress has been made. The first layer of the top surface was initiated last September. Now, with the final tartan surface on the horizon, optimism is in the air. However, patience is still required as it will take several more weeks before the track can be lined. Without optimal curing conditions, there's a risk of the track lifting or bubbling, potentially compromising its durability and safety.

The closure of the MTU Track prompted the Cork County Board to take action. At a recent meeting, plans were set in motion to develop a County Development Plan. This initiative aims to assess the needs and locations for future athletic facilities within the county. The prolonged closure of MTU Track, coupled with the indefinite closure of the UCC Mardyke Track, served as a wake-up call for the athletics community, highlighting the necessity of accessible and reliable track facilities.

While progress is being made on other tracks, such as Bandon AC's and plans for tracks in Mallow and East Cork, the absence of readily available facilities has spurred a sense of urgency and initiative among clubs.

The impending resumption of work on the MTU Track signifies a step forward for athletics in Cork, and it serves as a reminder of the importance of investing in and maintaining sports infrastructure, not just for the present but for the future development and growth of athletic pursuits within the community.

Featured Image: Courtesy of Cork Athletics

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