Cinque Mulini Cross Country: A Dreamlike Challenge that Leaves You Rattled to the Core

February 27, 2024

'Cinque mulini has to be run to be properly experienced.  A dreamlike challenge that leaves you rattled to the core.'

The Cinque Mulini Cross Country race, as described by seasoned runner Ian Egan in a recent interview with Run Republic, is a unique and challenging experience that combines technical terrain, short sharp inclines, and the thrill of running through the iconic windmill. Egan shares his insights and experiences from this special edition of the race, reflecting on the tough yet enjoyable aspects of the course which took place over the weekend.

Egan describes the Cinque Mulini course as a technical challenge, offering everything from mud to hard gravel. The short, sharp inclines present both mental and physical challenges, creating a race that demands peak performance from its participants. The course, originally featuring five windmills, takes runners through a variety of landscapes, making it a memorable and distinctive cross-country event.

To prepare for the race and overcome travel aches, Egan arrived a day early and took the opportunity to walk the course on Saturday. Despite having 40 years of racing experience, Egan admits that he still struggled to sleep the night before the race. The importance of good form for the upcoming European masters in Torun served as motivation for this dedicated athlete.

Ian Egan running Cinque Mulini
Ian Egan running Cinque Mulini

The race, starting at 10:30 am, presented Egan with the challenge of getting his "steam engine" going early in the morning. The warm-up went well, and Egan found himself among the masters' category, surrounded by some very fast-looking competitors. The 4k mayhem included obstacles such as embankments, trenches, and the famous windmill doorway, creating a blur of intensity and excitement.

Despite the challenges, Egan knew he was reasonably well-placed throughout the race. Having struggled with post-COVID "form" in recent years, the Cinque Mulini race provided an opportunity for Egan to demonstrate his resilience and determination. Finishing 11th overall and 8th in the M55 category, he reflects on the unique experience of the race, acknowledging its difficulty while appreciating the fun that only cross country enthusiasts can truly understand.

After the race, Egan enjoyed a bath before witnessing the senior races, where the standard was described as "through the roof." A few beers on-site and a return to the race sponsor, "the Birra" restaurant, for food marked the post-race celebrations.

An early night capped off a day to remember in Italy for Egan, who told Run Republic that he will definitely do it again!

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