Dundrum AC's BK5K: A Tribute to Brendan Kinane's Dream

April 30, 2024

The Dundrum Athletic Club's annual BK5K is not just a race; it's a testament to the enduring spirit of community, remembrance, and athletic excellence. Established in memory of former club member Brendan Kinane, whose sudden passing in 2015 left a void but also sparked a lasting legacy, the BK5K has become a cherished tradition that brings together runners, joggers, walkers, and supporters from far and wide.

The inception of the BK5K traces back to a poignant moment at the Faugheen 5K in April 2015. Brendan, alongside fellow club members Michael J and Laura, envisioned an ideal course for a fast, flat 5K. His passion for this concept was palpable, and tragically, he never got to see it realised. However, his vision lived on through the collective efforts of Dundrum AC.

In 2016, the first BK5K took place on May 4th, marking not just a race but a commemoration of Brendan's dream. The initial race's proceeds were directed towards acquiring a defibrillator for the village of Dundrum, a gesture emblematic of the club's commitment to community well-being. Subsequent editions continued this legacy, contributing to essential lifesaving equipment in Knockavilla village as well.

What sets the BK5K apart is its inclusive nature. It's not just for elite athletes chasing records (though they certainly find a challenge here), but also for those seeking personal improvement, social engagement, or simply a fun run. This ethos is reflected in the diverse participants, ranging from seasoned competitors to casual walkers, all united by a love for running and community support.

The course itself is renowned for its speed and fairness, making it a benchmark for many athletes as they gauge their progress. The record times, such as Sean Doyle's blistering 14:53 for males and Sorcha Nic Dhomhnaill's impressive 16:07 for females, highlight the calibre of competition the BK5K attracts.

In 2023, the race saw a remarkable turnout, with notable achievements like Luke Purcell matching the course record and a substantial number of participants achieving impressive times. The event's popularity extends beyond local boundaries, drawing athletes and clubs from across Munster and even further afield, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Acknowledging excellence is a key aspect of the BK5K, with prizes awarded across various categories, ensuring that talent and dedication at every level are recognised and celebrated. From cash prizes for top finishers to special categories like Junior, Masters, and Wheelchair, the event fosters a sense of achievement and inclusivity.

Yet, beyond the competition and accolades, the BK5K remains a testament to Brendan Kinane's enduring legacy, a reminder that dreams, when shared and nurtured by a community, can transcend tragedy and inspire lasting positivity. Tomorrow, as participants lace up their shoes and supporters gather, they are not just partaking in a race; they are continuing a legacy of passion, remembrance, and togetherness.

Featured Image: Dundrum AC

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