Epic Endurance: The Irish Coast2Coast Race

June 21, 2024

The Irish Coast2Coast race, an enormous challenge spanning from Bray Head in Wicklow to Bray Head on Valentia Island, is set to kick off at the stroke of midnight on Saturday, June 22nd. This incredible 600km journey will see participants navigate the rugged and picturesque landscapes of Ireland, following the well-trodden Ways. The route includes the Wicklow Way, South Leinster Way, East Munster Way, Duhallow Way, and the Kerry Way, culminating at Bray Head on Valentia Island.

The race begins on the Bray promenade, where participants will undergo sign-in, kit checks, and tracker attachment starting at 23:00 on tonight, June 21st. The terrain is predominantly a mix of trail, mountain, and roads offering both a scenic and challenging experience. Over the course, participants will face an elevation gain of roughly 13,100m, testing their endurance and skill.

Twenty-two individuals have risen to the challenge of the Irish Coast2Coast race. These runners will push their physical and mental limits, aiming to complete the course by Saturday, June 29th. In addition to the solo participants, a relay race is taking place, with four teams of ten people each. This relay allows for a collaborative effort to conquer the gruelling path across Ireland.

This year’s race holds a special significance as it serves as a fundraiser for The Kerry Hospice Foundation. One of the inspirations behind this charitable effort is Brian Byrne, a long-time member of the Irish Mountain Running Association (IMRA) stretching back to 1983. Brian was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer in May 2022. His courage and resilience have inspired ten members of the Glanageenty Loopers to participate in the relay, dedicating their effort to Brian and the cause.

Supporters can contribute to this worthy cause through donations at iDonate.

As the clock strikes midnight and the race begins, Run Republic extends our best wishes to all the amazing runners who are taking on this formidable challenge. Their journey across Ireland is a testament to human endurance and the spirit of adventure. Good luck to all participants, and may they have a safe and successful race!

Featured Image: Courtesy of IMRA Munster

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