Galway 5km Series Continues with Energetic Third Leg in Caltra

May 08, 2024

The third leg of the hugely popular Galway 5km Series unfolded last night in Caltra, showcasing a night of high spirits and enthusiastic participation amidst favourable weather conditions. The event was yet another testament to the series' growing success, drawing in approximately 540 eager participants who embraced the challenge and excitement of the race.

From seasoned athletes to newcomers, the race brought together a diverse group of individuals, each adding their own unique energy to the event. Participants were met with a course that tested their endurance and determination, pushing them to strive for personal bests and embrace the camaraderie and no frills atmosphere that defines the Galway 5km Series.

The Galway 5km Series team, known for their dedication and meticulous planning, once again ensured an incredibly enjoyable experience for all involved. Their commitment to organising such successful events has been a key factor in the series' popularity and continued growth over the years.

As the spotlight now shifts to the upcoming fourth leg of the series, all eyes are on Loughrea, where runners and supporters alike eagerly anticipate another thrilling race. With each leg, the Galway 5km Series continues to captivate participants and spectators, highlighting the vibrant running community and spirit of sportsmanship that defines Galway's athletic scene.

Congratulations to all who participated in the third leg, and best wishes to those gearing up for the next challenge in Loughrea. The Galway 5km Series remains a beacon of fitness, fun, and community engagement, promising more memorable moments as the series progresses.

Featured Image: by Andrew Talbot

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