Inside the Seefin Challenge at Ballyhoura

April 15, 2024

The Ballyhoura mountains witnessed another exhilarating event on Sunday, April 14th, with the return of the Seefin Challenge following the Seefin Uphill race just two days prior. Despite slightly cooler temperatures compared to Friday's race, the conditions were optimal for competitors eager to tackle the challenging terrain around Seefin.

The short course, spanning 7.5 kilometres with a 370-metre elevation gain (completing one loop), also hosted the junior trial for the Euro Off-Road Running Championships. The event attracted a total of 98 entries, showcasing the growing enthusiasm for such demanding races.

In the short course category, the top performers were Caitlin Hughes, Sinead Farrell, and Siobhan O'Loughlin for the female category, while Finn Yore, Callum Barron, and Ethan McMullan claimed the top spots in the male division.

Meanwhile, the long course posed another challenge with two loops covering a total distance of 15 kilometres and a significant 740-metre elevation gain. This category included the senior trial for the Euros, adding an extra layer of competition and intensity.

Standing atop the podium for the long course were Celine Gavin, Jo Hickman Dunne, and Sarah Flanagan among the females, and Killian Mooney, Jared Martin, and Matthew McConnell among the males, showcasing exceptional endurance and skill.

The success of the Seefin Challenge wouldn't have been possible without the dedication of Race Director Robbie Williams and the wonderful volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth and enjoyable event for all participants. Their efforts were instrumental in creating a memorable experience for everyone involved, further solidifying Ballyhoura's reputation as a premier destination for mountain racing enthusiasts.

Featured Image: Bernard Yore

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