Successful Day 2 of Tribal Running Track & Field Tour 2024 in Sligo

May 13, 2024

Last week, the Tribal Running Track & Field Tour 2024 kicked off its highly anticipated Day 2 in Sligo, and marked a successful venture outside of County Galway. The event showcased exceptional talent across various age groups, from under-12 competitors to seasoned masters.

For many athletes, this event marked their season opener, providing an exciting platform to showcase their skills and set new personal records. Indeed, the day witnessed a flurry of achievements as numerous club records were shattered, highlighting the exceptional calibre of participants.

Despite the potential challenges posed by unpredictable weather conditions, participants and organisers alike were delighted as the day remained dry and pleasant throughout. This conducive weather undoubtedly contributed to the overall positive atmosphere and the outstanding performances witnessed on the track and field.

The success of Day 2 was further amplified by the enthusiastic turnout from athletes. Participants from Sligo, as well as neighbouring counties such as Leitrim, Galway, and Donegal, flocked to Sligo to be part of this exhilarating event. Their enthusiasm added a vibrant energy to the competition, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Looking ahead, Tribal Running is gearing up for Day 4 of the series, set to return to Sligo on June 6th with a fresh lineup of events. This ongoing series promises continued excitement and opportunities for athletes to push their limits and achieve new milestones.

As the tour progresses, the anticipation is high for Day 3 in Ennis, urging aspiring participants to secure their spots early and be part of this thrilling journey. Day 3 takes place on May 22nd and you can sign up by clicking here!

Featured Image: by Donal Egan

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